Lee and Tiffany Klein – Owners/Operators Founded in 1982 by Lee, Klein Cabinets and Interiors, Inc. was the way for him to reach his goals a…

Our Specialties

– Custom Kitchens- Bathrooms- Laundry rooms- Fireplace Units- Entertainment Units- Hutch/Display Cabinets- Replication of any cabinet- Custo…

Up to ten years of trusted comfort.

In addition to the standard 5-year warranty, you can extend the parts & labor coverage and/or the parts only coverage for years to come.

For years of trusted comfort.

Enhance your comfort with extended warranties. We understand that an indoor comfort system is a serious investment. That's why we offer …

Particles In The Air

A standard one-inch air filter captures less than 5% of the particles in the air. This leaves the other 95% to pollute the indoor air, stain…

High Humidity Conditions

It's not always possible to eliminate the source of indoor air pollution. But there are some things we can control, like humidity.


While a thermostat provides one central point of control for your home, a zoning system divides your home into areas with common heating and…

Silencer™ System Benefits

The indoor unit of your comfort system plays an important role in keeping you comfortable all year long.

Keep Equipment Clean

Regularly scheduled professional maintenance is also crucial to maintaining your system's maximum efficiency.


The Best Combination of Comfort and the load on your equipment and can save up to 20% in cooling Savings from Two Fuel SourcesCondition Only…

Maintain Proper Humidity

When cooling during the warm humid months, you will feel more comfortable at a higher temperature if the humidity level in your home is kept…

Keeping your costs under control.

Like many other appliances, the cost of your indoor comfort system includes not only its initial price, but also the ongoing costs of operat…

Quiet operation

Your home comfort system should provide consistent comfort and quiet operation without disruption from a noisy air conditioner, heat pump, f…

Comfortable humidity levels.

Your home comfort system should provide both comfortable temperatures and comfortable humidity levels.

Comfortable temperatures.

Your home comfort system should provide even temperatures in every room without hot or cold spots or noticeable temperature swings.