Specialized technology is available to perform: laser surgery, endoscopic surgery, tumescent, and twilight or general anesthetic.

Straight Talk

Dr. Rick Smith answers frequently asked questions about cosmetic nose surgery.

What Are You Looking At?

Dr. Rick Smith answers questions about the psychological aspects of cosmetic surgery.

Raising Eyebrows

Dr. Rick Smith answers questions about endoscopic browlift surgery

About Dr. Smith

Rick J. Smith M.D.is a board certified plastic surgeon who operates at Sparrow and Ingham Hospitals as well as his own fully accredited surg…


Children receive a disproportionate number of prescriptions for colds, ear infections, reflux, and especially behavioral problems.

Common Colds

Children receive a disproportionate number of prescriptions for antibiotics, particularly to treat upper respiratory infections.

Ear Infections

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for ear infections, despite evidence of poor outcomes and high complication rates associated with their …

Sports Injuries

Children need a variety of movements, moving in different directions at different angles and speeds.


As a mother of three little girls, I worry when my child gets a fever.

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Much of our focus is on Drug-Free Family Healthcare, especially children, and Athletic Based Care because that is where our experience, educ…


Lee and Tiffany Klein – Owners/Operators Founded in 1982 by Lee, Klein Cabinets and Interiors, Inc. was the way for him to reach his goals a…