Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I remove myself from your email list?

A : You’ll need to log in to your personal 6 News email and uncheck the boxes of the email you no longer wish to receive.


Q: I can’t find information on a story I saw on the news, how can I get information?

A: Please provide as many details as possible: date, time, show, what it was about, etc. Email You can find videos of the top stories from our noon and evening newscasts here.


Q: I’m having problems with your website, who do I contact?

A: Send an email describing the issues you’re having to


Q: I’m getting old information on your website, do you update it?

A: We update our website around the clock with the top stories of the day. The most common reason for seeing old information is if our site has been bookmarked. On certain browsers, information isn’t always updated unless you click on your refresh button or retype into your browser navigation bar. This will update the site.


Q: I can’t find what I’m looking for on your site, who can help me?

A: Send an email describing what you’re looking for to or call (517) 367-2198.


Q: I have a public service announcement. How do I get coverage?

A: If you have an event you’d like to be included on our community calendar, email with details of your event. If you have a PSA you’d like for us to include on our channel, email with the full details.


Q: I have a story for news, how do I notify them?

A: Fill out our Report!t form online, fax the information to (517) 372-1507, or call (517) 372-1300.


Q: Where can I find program information on your site?

A : Click on “TV Schedules” at the bottom of our homepage.


Q: Are tours available at WLNS?

A: WLNS does not offer tours to groups. Our Weather Team and News anchors occasionally visit schools and make presentations to community groups when schedules allow.


Q: Why do you play commercials louder than the programs?

A: This is a technical problem that hasn’t quite been perfected. Programs and all commercials are recorded separately, and all have variations in volume regardless of how much we try to keep levels the same for each. There is a piece of equipment that monitors the audio levels and tries to equalize them. Unfortunately, the unit isn’t perfect and some commercials are louder than programming.


Q: I have an event for the community calendar, where do I send the information?

A: Fax the event details to (517) 374-7610 or email If you want to air a pre-produced PSA, email the file to or send it to:

Gene Shanahan
2820 E. Saginaw
Lansing, MI 48912

We welcome thoughts and comments from our viewers. We ask that everyone keep their remarks civil and respectful. Postings that contain profanity, racist, or potentially libelous remarks will be deleted. We will delete any commercial postings, as well.

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