Dr. Karen May of Momentum Health Centers is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Functional Medicine Practitioner. She has been married for almost 17 years and has one son and 2 daughters. Her passion for health has spilled over into her family with all of her kids loving to cook and be active as well as have meaningful interactions with others. Her son is a typical teen whole loves sports and youth group but also has a keen business sense and has a business set for the summer. Her oldest daughter is kind and compassionate but fiercely competitive on the volleyball court. Her youngest is full of life and zest and a lover of all things musical and being on stage. Her family put their relationship with Christ at the top of our priorities and feels fortunate that they have a wonderful church family to walk through life with.

Outside of the office, Dr. May enjoys hiking and being in nature. She also likes reading, cooking with her family and cooking for family and friends. She travels with the United States Bobsled and Skeleton National Teams as a Team Physician and has served as the Chiropractic Sports Medicine Physician at The United States Olympic Committee’s High Performance Training Center in Lake Placid, New York. She currently serves as Team Chiropractor for Lansing Sexton Football team and has for the past 7 seasons.

At Momentum Health Center, Dr. Karen May and her staff educate people daily to help make good decisions with regards to their body by addressing Nutrition, Fitness, Hormones, Digestive Tract issues and Mental Mindset. Their goal is to help people get down to the root cause of their health issues and determine a plan of action to address the issues. Dr. May’s favorite part about her profession is that she gets to passionately help people to change their lives and reach their goals.

Dr. May has made it her mission to help women to understand the power that their own bodies have to heal and repair itself. She strives to educate women that their biggest investment to their future and the future of their families is their health, that small changes make big impacts. She believes that small changes do not have to be expensive and that they can change the health of their families in small simple steps. By doing that, they can reduce out of pocket health care expenses, improve their body image and self-confidence, and decrease sick days at work taken for them or for their family which would allow for more time enjoying the activities they love!