Alysia Burgio – Reporter

Five words/phrases that describe me:  Clean freak (Severe OCD), Foodie (ESPECIALLY SWEETS!), Intuitive, Nurturing (I genuinely care about ho…


Veronica Gabriel – Reporter

Five words/phrases that describe me: Movie buff, chocolate lover, extreme shopper, family oriented, big dreamer Hometown: Monroe, MI Other p…

Cryss Walker

Cryss Walker – Reporter

Five words/phrases that describe me: Bubbly – I love to laugh! Hometown: Detroit, MI Other places I’ve lived: Only Detroit and Lansing! I gr…

Aaron Dimick

Aaron Dimick – Jackson Bureau reporter

Five words/phrases that describe me: Super smile, genuine, friendly, funny, big hair Hometown: Marysville, Michigan, where I could see Canad…

Erik Kostrzewa

Erik Kostrzewa – Meteorologist

1. Five words/phrases that describe me: Passionate, Driven, Sports Lover, Music Fanatic, Severe Weather Connoisseur. 2. Hometown: Novi, Mich…


Alex Sims – 6 Sports reporter

Hometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts — where the pilgrims landed! Joined WLNS 6: November 2015 Studied: B.A. English, Minor: Communications Gra…


Jay Sarkar – Sports Anchor/Reporter

 Five words/phrases that describe me: Fitness Freak, Aspiring Chef, Coffee Addict, Dog Lover  Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI  Other places I’ve liv…


Haley Herzog – Reporter

Hometown: Omaha, NE Joined WLNS: September 2015 Graduated with: BA in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at the University of Nebras…

justin kree

Justin Kree – Reporter

When he’s not uncovering the news that has everyone in mid-Michigan buzzing, this latte lover enjoys deep-diving into our nation’s history.

Chivon Kloepfer 070115

Chivon Kloepfer- Morning and Noon Anchor

When she’s not helping lead the most watched morning show in the market, this kayak queen is enjoys the outdoors, singing and a good game of…

David Young

David Young- Chief Meteorologist

Self-described weather geek who not only predicts the weather, but loves to spend as much time as possible experiencing it outdoors with his…

Sheri Jones

Sheri Jones – 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Anchor

When she’s not giving mid-Michigan the news it needs to know, you may just find this trillium-loving traveler feeding her greatest addiction…

Jane Aldrich

Jane Aldrich- Community Relations

When she’s not bringing mid-Michigan the news it needs to know, this self-described goofy frog lady is serenading tree-dwellers and helping …

Jim Geyer

Jim Geyer – Meteorologist

With an eye always on the weather, this thrill-seeking traveler knows the waters of Michigan and the tropics very well.

Tim Skubick edited

Tim Skubick- Capitol Correspondent

With 45 years covering Michigan politics, if something is happening at the Capitol, chances are he already knows about it.

Emily Wahls 070115

Emily Wahls – Morning Meteorologist

When she’s not predicting the weather, she’s enjoying it- from snowboarding during the long Michigan winter to spending the day tubing or kn…

Fred Heumann

Fred Heumann – Sports Director/Anchor

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI Joined WLNS 6: In 1980; returned February 2003 Graduated from: Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of …

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