Everything old is new again as Vernor’s takes on a retro look

Image courtesy: Dr. Pepper Snapple

DETROIT, Mich (WLNS) – If you’re a Michigan native you’re likely familiar with the gingery taste of Vernor’s ginger ale.

For more than 150 years the pop (as Michiganders say) has been tickling taste buds.

Now, as our media partners at MLive report, there are limited edition bottles featuring retro look labels.

The redesigned labels feature Woody the Gnome, the mascot that dates back to the turn of the 20th century.

Some of the labels also return a possessive apostrophe to the name.

There will be five new label designs in total: Three will be featured on 20-ounce bottles of regular Vernors and two will be featured on 20-ounce bottles of Diet Vernors.

The labels are part of a new printing process that imprints on the actual bottle instead of a label.

About 70,000 cases of the new bottles will be distributed in Michigan and northwest Ohio in February and March.

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