Skubick: Former governors meet face-to-face over MSU future

LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- Former Michigan governors John Engler and Jim Blanchard met face to face for the first time today to map out the role that Mr. Blanchard will play in the aftermath of the Larry Nassar ordeal.

6 News has learned that Mr. Blanchard agrees with interim MSU president Engler that some are trying to politicize the investigation.

Two former political rivals are united in their joint effort to restore credibility to Michigan State University.

“Frankly having a couple of outsiders who have not been responsible, it’s going to be a lot easier to do that than if you had insiders doing this,” said Jim Blanchard. “Insiders failed on this one.”

Interim president John Engler wants Mr. Blanchard to use his congressional experience to shepherd a host of MSU officials who will be called to testify before at least three congressional committee probes of the Nassar ordeal.

Mr. Blanchard’s firm was hired by MSU but he himself will not be paid for any work he does.

Former governor Engler was critical of the raid last week at MSU conducted by attorney general Bill Schuette’s office.

One Engler aide called in a cheap political stunt.

Mr. Blanchard joins in the criticism of Republican Mr. Schuette.

“Well, you have the attorney general who is running for governor trying to do an investigation. Congressional committees already are asking for hearings and things.”

Mr. Schuette would say he is not politicizing the process but he’s doing his job.

Blanchard answers that with “Well, I’m not going to argue with him. I’m not running for governor and he is.”

As to whether bringing cameras to a raid was over the top? “Of course. Right. His office called the media to have them show up so we don’t want that kind of three ring circus here.”

As for the MSU Board resigning, as some want, Blanchard said “I have a couple of them who probably should resign but I’m not going to name names.”

Mr. Blanchard told the audience, this is MSU’s darkest hour and “we need to find out what happened, how to prevent it and honor the survivors.”