Michigan meteorite travels from outer space to auction block

Photo: Christie's of London

NEW YORK (WLNS) – How much would you pay for a meteorite?

Christie’s New York will host a public view of meteorites in as part of Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites, an online auction taking place from February 7 – 14.

A featured attraction will be a piece of the meteor that lit up the sky between Lansing and Ann Arbor January 16.

Ashley Moritz of Royal Oak was one of the lucky people who found a small part of that meteor.

She was able to find a small piece on the surface of frozen Zukey Lake in Livingston County.

The meteorite is classified as a chondrite, described as non-metallic meteorites formed when various types of dust and small grains that were present in the early solar system formed primitive asteroids.

The Chicago’s Field Museum, which has a different specimen from this same meteorite shower said that because it fell on winter ice, “This is one of the best-preserved meteorites” in its collection.

Moritz’s meteorite will be offered for sale in April.

Estimated values for meteorites included in the auction range up to %150,000.