Snowy Friday storm affected us all in one way or another

The snow never stopped on Friday and neither did Dave Hidy. He runs Hidy’s Auto Repair and Snow Removal, a private operation that plans to plow more than 100 drive-ways and parking lots over the next few days.

“I Love this stuff, this is the best snow of the year.”

On a much smaller scale, East Lansing resident Andrew Quinn was hard at work shoveling his sidewalk. Miles of Mid-Michigan sidewalk will get shoveled through Sunday, a mandatory chore for most that Quinn says may include many sessions.

“I focus and before you know it’s done for this time, but I may be out here doing this later.”

This winter storm will likely win snowiest of the season, even prompting Lansing mayor Andy Schor to send a mass e-mail to assure the people the city is prepared. Lansing emergency management chief Michael Tobin agrees.

“Yes, we were prepared. We’ve been talking about this for a couple of days.”

Tobin and his team, that include first responders, are fully staffed and ready to act in case this storm causes unexpected chaos.

“We made sure our plowers were ready, our fire trucks were ready, ambulances, and police vehicles.”

As for area students, there’s no stress at all. No school meant sledding and shredding on snowy hills. For kids like 5-year old Nathan Lopez, it was a blast

“It’s fun because we get to sled down.”

Of course, for decision makers like Hannah Community Center coordinator Elaine Hardy, these conditions may mean many events and activities planned for the weekend may unfortunately be called off.

“We really try to take into consideration safety, road conditions, what our emergency responders are telling us.”