Skubick: It’s Engler’s move as state senator sounds warning to MSU

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Gov. Rick Snyder wants to pump state dollars into the investigation of MSU and it’s role in the Larry Nassar case while at the same time the university is being told it needs to shape up or lose state aid.

The Snyder administration wants lawmakers to send one million dollars to the state attorney general’s office to conduct its probe into the role of the MSU Board of Trustees and others on campus regarding the sexual abuse charges related to Mr. Nassar.

And on another front, MSU interim president John Engler and attorney general Bill Schuette are at odds.

Last week the attorney general’s investigators staged an unannounced raid at MSU where they confiscated materials from the offices of key players in the Nassar case.

Mr. Engler thought he should have been given a heads-up and his public relations person called the raid a “cheap political stunt”.

Than this week Mr. Schuette’s campaign for governor was ordered to remove John Engler’s endorsement of Mr. Schuette to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

And while Gov. Rick Snyder was proposing to give universities a two percent increase in state aid, for the first time the chair of the Senate Higher Education budget committee issued a warning to MSU.

“I’m not opposed to withholding dollars in terms of making sure there is a safe climate on campus for students,” said Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker.

When asked if Engler needs to fire some people, the senator’s answer was a terse “I think so.”

The senator thinks Mr. Engler will shake things up, but she wants to see those results or else.