Skubick: Gov. Snyder set to deliver final budget pitch

(AP Photo/Al Goldis)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Gov. Rick Snyder delivers his final budget message tomorrow and it’s a possible showdown over funding the schools and cutting your individual taxes.

It’s the governor who is not running for re-election and to beef up spending for schools and roads versus House and Senate members who want to cuts taxes in an election year.

Sen. Jack Brandenburg explains, “It’s always a chess game here.”

The governor has on the chessboard the highest increase in school spending in 15 years, a boost of about $300 million.

The governor also wants to spend an extra $300 million to fix the roads which means which means that’s $600 million that is not available for a rollback in the personal income tax exemption.

“Yeah, you could interpret it that way,” adds Sen. Brandenburg. “No question about it.”

The governor is willing to cut the tax rate but lawmakers want a higher rate, somewhere near $5000.

But is the governor willing to take the $5000? “I’m not going to negotiate here,” said Gov. Snyder.

Senate Democrats are likely to side with the governor on spending more on schools and roads.

Democratic Sen. Curtis Hertel, Jr. says you can do both but…

“If you’re asking me what my top priority is, it’s education and infrastructure. And if the governor is willing to stand for that, I’m willing to stand with him.”

The Senate Republican leader reports there is no deal with the governor on where the money goes.

“I think there is room for all of it,” said Sen. Arlan Meekhof. “We’re still discussing with the governor.”

In this little budget chess game, Republican Sen. Brandenburg does not want the taxpayers to get rocked.

“Absolutely no. Not at all,” insists the senator.