Skubick: State senator warns MSU to shape up or get hit in the wallet

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A Republican state senator who is advocating for the victims of Larry Nassar is warning Michigan State University that if it does not shape-up, lawmakers in next years budget “may hit them in the wallet.

That’s just part of Day One of John Engler’s tenure on campus.

There’s a new man in charge and former Republican Gov. John Engler promises change.

Last week newly-minted MSU president Engler met with the Senate Republican and Democratic leaders and they talked about the $275 million the university gets from the state.

The Republican House Speaker has hinted if MSU does not clean up its act, it could lose some state financial support.

After the meeting Mr. Engler told reporters, “there’s no intent at this point to try to punish, through the appropriations process, the university.”

Senator Margaret O’Brien says that was not a promise to avoid cutting the MSU budget.

“There was no pledge to not take money away. Senator Meekhof says Engler has full power to do what needs to be done and if the university does not reform we may have to hit them in the wallet.”

That’s part of the reason the bi-partisan MSU Board wanted Mr. Engler in this job, to protect against that retribution.

“If I don’t have a meeting with John Engler, I will be very angry,” insisted Se. O’Brien.

The campus community is clambering for a culture change and Mr. Engler and the Board have pledged to do that.

The senate points to one example where it took the university 200 days to respond to a female student’s complaint that one of her profs raped and beat her.

Sen. O’Brien says, “This guy had a PRO against him, had beaten another instructor and it took 200 days to resolve this students case.”

The senator has a plan to force all coaches and trainers to report sexual abuse.right now the law only applies to high schools and not universities.