MSU students march for transparency

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As the Larry Nassar scandal unfolds, students, faculty and community members demand transparency from Michigan State and ask the university to take accountability for its handling of the situation.

“This is our school, this is our community and these are our voices!”

Despite the brutally cold temperatures, dozens of students joined together at “the rock” on MSU’s campus protesting the university.

“Today we march for transparency and that starts with a town hall.”

A town hall that includes the entire board of trustees and interim president.

“I think it’s important for the healing process of the community that we have a dialogue between students, faculty, graduate students and undergrad and with the administration,” said Dan Martel; President of MSU College Democrats and Organizer of protest.

The protest was organized following Thursday night’s town hall where hundreds of people spoke out against the MSU board of trustees, but trustee Brian Mosallam was the only board member who showed up to listen.

“What happened last night felt like a slap in the face, frankly it was insulting that only one board member was there,” said MSU Student Natalie Rogers.

“Accountability and trust need to be restored to the students, the faculty and the biggest thing is the administration just doesn’t listen,” MSU Student Michael Kuhn stated.

So as this group gathered in solidarity, fists held high, marching in silence while demanding change.

“We need a change in culture, we need the administration to realize that the students here, the faculty here and the staff here are the ones who really represent the Spartan community and we want them to represent our voices,” Rogers stated.

“We cannot and we will not let this movement die.”