MSU students rally to support sexual assault victims

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It wasn’t just students at the MSU basketball game on Friday night showing support for the survivors of Larry Nassar, hundreds of people gathered together at “the rock” on MSU’s campus as well.

What was the message? “Change at MSU.”

“To see the support you know, we’re so thankful for it,” said Lindsey Lemke; Nassar Survivor.

For Lemke, a survivor of Larry Nassar’s abuse, the outcry of support expressed on Michigan State’s campus on Friday night is humbling, but she says this is only the beginning of what’s to come for the university.

“This situation hurt us and so we’re here to get justice and hopefully for them to do what’s right,” Lemke stated.

For the hundreds of people marching through campus chanting “time’s up MSU,” the resignation of former president Lou Anna K. Simon and athletic director Mark Hollis comes as a relief, but they say MSU’s board of trustees needs to take accountability for their actions…or in their opinion, lack there-of.

“This march is just the start, we are going to keep pressing officials until they take the responsibility and step up in regards to sexual assault on campus,” said rally co-organizer Mackenzie Mrla.

“Nassar isn’t the only one who is responsible for this problem and we want change to happen at MSU,” MSU Graduate Samantha Teremi stated.

Change in the approach the university takes when handling sexual assault and the crowd doesn’t plan on backing down anytime soon.

“It’s important to know that their going to come up with a new plan, they’re going to take the correct steps to make sure next time a sexual assault is reported to them, we know exactly what’s going to happen so that that person can feel protected and feel safe when it comes to it,” said Lemke.

The survivors say they’ll stay united in their efforts to bring more accountability and transparency to the university.