Day 6 of Nassar sentencing: “You took advantage of all of us”

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – “You stole my light, Larry Nassar, and I am now taking it back,” said Whitney Burns.

As we continue to hear victim testimony on day 6 of Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing you can’t help but find similarities in the stories told by the dozens of women and girls who suffered the sexual abuse at the hands of the former doctor.

Isabell Hutchins told the court “I couldn’t accept the fact that it happened to me and I was in denial for a long time.”

Natalie Woodland added “I trusted him to take care of me, my parents trusted him, and he used me as a toy for his own pleasure. Larry Nassar destroyed my childhood innocence.”

To these gymnasts Nassar was so much more than a well-renowned doctor, he was a friend, a father figure, a role model and someone who inspired them to follow the same career path as he did.

Anna Dayton said “I had one glimpse of hope, Larry, you were supposed to be the good guy, but instead you used your power, your authority, to take advantage of me.”

Many of them having a hard time coping with the fact that their real injuries were treated by fake manipulations.

”For over a month, I practiced, competed, and made it to the nationals on a broken leg,” said Isabell Hutchins. “Because Larry Nassar said that there was nothing wrong.”

Anne Swinehart added “What I thought was luck has turned into a nightmare.”

Their parents, holding a tremendous amount of guilt, saying the warning signs were there, but they didn’t dare question a doctor so decorated..

Swineheart continued “I know it is not my fault, it is the fault of Dr. Nassar it is the fault of every institution that listened but did not act.”

“I simply cannot even consider you as a real doctor, my priority should have been my health, yet your priority was to molest me,” said Mattie Larson.

Mattie Larson is a familiar face in the gymnastics world.

“I was broken,” Larson said. “Larry, my coaches, and USA Gymnastics, turned the sport I fell in love with as a kid, into my personal living hell.”

Larson was a member of the 2010 World Championships team that won a silver medal.

She was recognized as the 2010 Covergirl Classic All-Around champion and named “Athlete of the month for November 2007” by the USOC.

On the outside her accomplishments show success.

But on the inside, she paints a tragic timeline of suffering to get there.

“I was willing to physically hurt myself to get out of the abuse that I received at the ranch,” admitted Larson.

And as of this morning the number of victims expected make statements this week—has increased to more than 150.