Michigan’s “Move Over” law requires drivers to use caution, dangers for tow truck drivers

Chris Dickinson is no stranger to helping others in a time of need.. even if that means risking his life to do it.

“I try to do this job and get off the road as fast as I can,” says Dickinson.

Dickinson works for Wood’s Okemos Marathon Towing.

He says depending on the situation and weather conditions, when pulling over on the side of the highway it can take him anywhere from 10-40 minutes to load a car on the back of his truck.

So when cars zoom past him at high speeds, he says he’s not messing around.

“If you get an 18-wheeler coming past you at 60-70 miles per hour, sometimes it will almost knock you off your feet.. and it’s terrifying,” says Dickinson.

In Michigan, it’s required that drivers move over when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with it’s lights on on roads with two or more lanes.

That law applies to police, fire, and road services like tow trucks.

Details that Michigan State Police Lt. Lisa Rish says is critical for drivers to keep in mind.

“If feels very close and you can almost feel that wind as they drive by and so you just kind of create that space, that safety space for that reason,” says Lt. Rish.

Lt. Rish says according to the law, if there is heavy traffic and you don’t have the opportunity to move over, you’re still required to slow down.

“Things can go sideways real fast and that extra lane of travel is very important,” says Lt. Rish.

Dickinson asks, the next time you drive near an emergency vehicle to remember all it takes is one second to change a life forever.

“I have someone else to go home to. I don’t want to be hit by a car and taken out of this world this early, ya know, I’m still young,” laughs Dickinson.

You could see a lot of tow trucks on the road tomorrow morning.. so keep in mind you’ll want to slow down because authorities say they will be out enforcing this law.

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