Alleged victims of Jackson cold cases speak out

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – 51-year old Ozzie Worthey is currently sitting in a prison in Jackson County for a DUI conviction, but that’s not what makes him controversial..

Last month, while in prison, Worthey was charged with 5 counts of kidnapping in connection with the sexual assaults of 5 women in Jackson that happened back in the 1990’s.

Those sexual assault cases had gone cold until 2016, which is when police say they found new evidence that linked Worthey to all 5 cases.

Authorities re-opened the investigation which led to charges against Worthey, but 6-News learned today from alleged victims of Worthey that those charges were recently dropped.

Now some of those women are speaking out because they’re worried about what could happen during Worthey’s meeting tomorrow in front of a parole board.

Because the woman say’s she’s a victim of sexual assault, we’re not revealing her name or identity.

“It’s a dirty subject and people don’t want to talk about it, but that’s how you get away with it, that’s how people get away with it.”

Crimes of kidnapping and sexual assault that went unsolved for more than 20-years..

Cold cases that alleged victims of Ozzie Worthey say they’ve been waiting decades to find answers to.

6-News talked with one of them today.

“For me personally, it’s changed the way I am with my kids. It’s changed the way that I operate. I don’t go out at night, I don’t go shopping at night, I don’t walk by myself ever anywhere.”

The City of Jackson Police Department says it investigated 5 separate cases involving alleged victims of Worthey who say they were sexually abused back in the 90’s.

Those alleged victims were between the ages 13 to 19 at the time.

Prison records indicate that Worthey matches the police sketch and suspect description from the 90’s.

“With each assault, he was just more and more violent, but I know in three of the cases, it started out by saying hi my name’s Mike.”

Police ultimately identified Worthey as the suspect.

They woman who spoke to 6-News says police told her they found DNA evidence that linked Worthey to the crimes.

“I do know that immediately they took every single case that they had and they submitted it to match, and I’ve been told now on more than one occasion that all five hit.”

Prosecutors brought charges against Worthey last month in December.

He was charged with 5 counts of kidnapping in connection to the string of sexual assaults.

But according to the woman we talked to and a second alleged victim who didn’t go on camera, those charges were dropped right before Christmas.

They both said police and prosecutors told them it was because they ran out of time.

“For the supreme court to be unconstitutional to charge this guy because of a statute of limitations, what are they saying to me the victim, what about my constitutional rights.”

Worthey is currently serving time in prison for driving under the influence.

Alleged victims say he has a parole hearing tomorrow.

The woman says all she wants is justice, and she’s encouraging anyone who may have come into un-wanted contact by Worthey to come forward if they haven’t already.

“Right now that’s kind of our only hope.”

6-News reached out to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for comment on this story but have not heard back.

However, when we talked with prosecutor’s last month, they told us they are seeking justice for the victims of this crime for their families and the community.

They also re-iterated that they want people to know they aren’t giving up on cases.

We’ll continue to stay on top of this story for you and let you know if there’s any new information as it develops.

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