Avoiding the potential dangers of space heaters

DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – Space heaters are a nice, compact way to heat small spaces in your home.

They’re portable, so they can go pretty much anywhere.

But it’s for that exact reason Delta Township Fire Cheif John Clark says, you have to be careful.

“Yu come in and take your coat off or take something off and it gets thrown up against it,” Clark said. “Depending on what falls on it or falls against it, then it can start a fire pretty quickly.”

Clark suggests a three-foot rule, especially for kids. For the younger ones, he says it’s best to build some kind of barrier so they can’t reach the space heater. For older kids, there should be an understanding not to get too close.

“Typically kids are kids. In that three foot zone if you fall over, get pushed down, or something happens, at three feet it’s unlikely you’re going to land on or hit that open fire place, wood burner or space heater,” Clark said.

Again, these heaters can go pretty much anywhere in your home. But, if you still need a little extra stretch to reach somewhere, Clark says you’ll want to avoid using an extension cord because a lot of them aren’t built to withstand the current running to the space heater.

If you do need to use one, Clark says you should buy one that matches the amperage of the one coming out of your space heater. Typically, you can tell they match if the thickness of the cords is the same.