Reminders for homeowners to avoid frozen pipes during winter

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With temperatures hovering near zero, cranking the heat up in your home might be a good idea to avoid a serious problem…frozen pipes.

“A lot of times it depends on how old your home is and how much insulation is in the house,” said Wendell Borford; Plumber at Tri-County Plumbing.

Borford says when gusty winds blow and temperatures drop drastically, that’s when pipes are more likely to freeze.

“Sometimes turning that temperature up in the home a little bit helps,” Borford stated.

But that’s not all…

“You can actually open up the cabinets that will help, make sure you unhook the hose from the outside lawn faucets…you know little things like that,” said Borford.

Borford says running water through your faucet might help prevent frozen pipes from happening to your pipes as well but as far as using a heater, he says that typically isn’t the best idea.

“They can be a fire hazard, some people when they plug them in forget about them,” Borford stated.

Borford says if your pipes burst, it’s crucial homeowners know where the main shut-off valve is to their home.

“Whether it’s the hot side or the cold side that bursts, that will shut everything off,” said Borford.

But when all else fails…

“Call a plumber (laughs),” Borford added.

Borford says if your pipes burst, it could cost you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in repairs so doing everything you can to prevent that from happening is key.

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