Skubick: Pollster quizzes state residents on mental health of President Trump

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – It’s a question that had never been asked before but Michigan citizens have now been asked to respond to the question: Is President Donald Trumpo mentally stable enough to be president?

A survey has found the state is badly divided on the issue.

The United States has lived through some challenging times with each president facing tough decisions, but never before in modern day politics has a pollster asked whether the sitting president was too mentally unstable to serve.

That is, until now.

6 News pollster Bernie Porn asked the question and found a divided Michigan along gender, racial, educational and regional lines.

Here’s what he was told:

48 percent of the women in Michigan think the president is mentally unstable and 56 percent of the men believe he is stable.

The racial divide is more pronounced with 69 percent of blacks thinking Mr. Trump is unstable while 50 percent of the whites disagree.

44 percent of the college grads in the state vote unstable but those with less than a high school diploma 49 percent believe the president is stable.

Statewide 49 percent say stable and 37 percent vote unstable.

In Macomb County 58 percent say he is stable but in Wayne County 58 percent say he is not.

All these numbers add up to a divided state where there is some buyer remorse among some who voted for the president last November.

The question is: What impact will that have on next year’s election?

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