Skubick: Snyder steers clear of Republican race for governor

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Gov. Rick Snyder clearly favors Lt. Gov. Brian Calley for governor but given a chance to help him out on some campaign issues, the governor he is staying out of the fray.

The governor says “I don’t want to get into the middle of the governor’s race.”

And when the governor doesn’t want to get into something, he won’t.

For example, Mr. Calley is all-in on creating a part-time legislature.

But the governor has not signed a petition.

And when Mr. Calley asserts that a part-time legislature would produce a more efficient government, the governor ducks on whether that is true.

“It’s a fair question to ask but I’m not weighing in to the pros and cons.”

He does worry, however, about a part-time House and Senate along with the state’s highly restrictive term limit law

“You could have the interaction of the two and that could raise challenges.”

On the Flint water front, Mr. Calley has accused Mr. Schuette of playing politics with the crisis. And Mr. Schuette has brushed it aside, saying, quote, “it is pure nonsense”.

But does the governor agree with that statement?

“Well one of the parties is responsible for that litigation so I don’t want to be involved in making commentary on that topic,” said Mr. Snyder.

He won’t be pinned down on whether the issue is politicized or not.

“I wouldn’t comment on that issue.”

Even though he is not getting rhetorical support from the governor on campaign issues, Mr. Calley is linking his election hopes to the governor’s record and pollster Bernie Porn thinks that could work.

He says “It is becoming more of a plus than it was three months ago, four months ago. And maybe it’s just the contrast between a Snyder as governor in Michigan and what there is in terms of the behavior and the perception of the president of United States.”

The next time we’ll hear from the governor will be after the first of the year.

The State of the state is slated for January 23.

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