Confirmed cases of whooping cough at Grand Ledge Public Schools

GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) – Grand Ledge Public Schools has confirmed cases of Pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

In a letter released Friday through social media, school officials confirmed the cases.

“If there’s one infection in the school and the kid is not properly been diagnosed for it, potential is there for him to go, or her to go and continue to infect other kids,” says Sparrow Urgent Care Physician, Song Yu.

Yu says whooping cough can be a very serious illness, especially in young children.

“We recommend treatment within the first 7-10 days, the problem is though until you get the symptoms that are obvious, you’re not going to have that until week 2 or 3,” says Yu.

Administrator at Grand Ledge Public Schools released a letter stating there have been confirmed cases of the disease in the school system.

That letter asked parents to get their students vaccinated before entering kindergarten and to keep children at home if they show any signs of the illness.

“If there’s a prolonged period of what seems to be just a simple cold, with a fever and cough.. Then perhaps that’s the time to say you know, maybe we should go and have a check and make sure it’s not pertussis,” says Yu.

Yu says whooping cough is highly contagious and symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing, or a dry cough.

But after two or three weeks, those infected will develop a persistent high pitched cough.

“The person cannot stop coughing and that’s where the problem usually arises from because you know when you start coughing like that, you can’t breathe,” says Yu.

Yu says whooping cough can be treated with antibiotics if detected early enough.

But he says even though those who have been vaccinated are still at risk.

And although most children are given the vaccine for whooping cough during routine childhood immunizations, booster doses are required over time.

GLPS is working with the Barry/Eaton Health Department and they ask you check your child’s immunization records. If your child has not been protected against this illness, it is recommended that you go to your doctor to have them immunized.

If you have any questions about the issue you can contact the Barry/Eaton District Health Department. For more imforamtion visit

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