Ways to limit screen time for your kids during the holiday break

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Parents, we are a little more than a week away from when your children start their holiday break from school. For many moms and dads this two-week vacation means a greater amount of time your kids will sit in front of a screen whether that’s a TV, a tablet, or the computer.

We all know too much screen time causes a number of behavioral issues, but instead of sounding off again about the bad, it’s time to find positive ways to replace screen time. It can be a challenge because screen time is how many of us work, learn, and get entertained, but even during a normal school day your children are already logging-in hours and hours of screen time. Now, with a two-week break about to barge in, the battle to limit their technological temptation is upon us, but no fear.

Many parenting experts say make a plan and then let your kids take part in finalizing it up. The trick is replacing pockets of the day that your kids would normally seek out a screen with activities that are time consuming and fun.

Here are five ideas that may work:

*Google ‘printables for kids’ and you’ll see plenty of possibilities offering mazes, word games, and coloring pages.

*Plan a few playdates and make sure a screen is nowhere to be seen.

*Have your kids help make dinner. Let them choose the night, what they want to cook, and serve as their helper.

*Make a list of places to visit like the library, the playground, or even the mall.

*Read with your children. Carve out a time or add an extra book or two.

Coming up with a plan may be easy, but implementing it may not. Just remember, set the example. Your children will gravitate toward your actions. Plus, be the parent — experts say it’s your job to encourage healthy behaviors and limit unhealthy ones.

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