“Winterizing” your car: tips drivers should keep in mind

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s that time of year again when slush and snow take over streets and highways.

“When we get to weather like this what we get concerned about obviously is travel,” said Mike Tobin, Lansing’s Emergency Management Chief.

Tobin says the snow can make for dangerous driving conditions so he urges drivers to use their best judgement when it comes to hitting the road.

“Determine if you have to go out that day, if the conditions are going to be very bad and you don’t have to travel, it’s not imminent that you travel…stay at home,” Tobin stated.

But Tobin says regardless of the weather, you should always make sure your car is prepped for any situation.

MIKE: “Some of the really good things you have is you’ve got your snow brush which surprisingly so many people don’t have, a couple blankets…that’s fantastic, your hat…excellent, boots…awesome.”

REPORTER: “What am I missing in here?”

MIKE: “The only other thing I suggest that you have in here would be a flashlight and some jumper cables.”

Tobin also recommends checking out your windshield wipers and popping the hood to make sure everything is working correctly.

“Make sure that your battery is in good working order, have your mechanic do a quick check,” said Tobin.

It’s these simple reminders like checking your tires, keeping an eye on your gas tank and flipping on your headlights that can make any stressful situation a little bit better.

“If you end up going off the road and get stranded, if it’s a large scale event you could be alone by your vehicle or in your vehicle for a few hours if not longer so you are now in a survival mode for a number of hours so these are the items that will make it so you can get through that time safely,” Tobin stated.

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