Michigan State Police puts more ‘Eyes on 94’ this week

GRASS LAKE, Mich. (WLNS) — The holidays often mean more trucks on local highways to make sure your holiday packages arrive on time.

But when you throw in winter weather and more vehicle traffic, a dangerous situation could be created on the roads and highways.

6 News is taking a look at what Michigan State Police are doing to make a major highway safer.

This week across Michigan, state police are putting more eyes on I-94.

“Semis account for 12 percent of all fatal crashes in the state and what we’re trying to do is really reduce that number,” said Captain Michael Krumm, commander of the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division.

To make that happen, MSP kicked off its “Eyes on 94” campaign Monday morning at the Grass Lake Weigh Station along I-94 in Jackson County.

“This is really in response to some of the serious crashes we’ve seen on I-94,” Krumm said.

Krumm says from Monday to Friday, more troopers are patrolling 94, looking for truck drivers who are breaking the law.

“Speeding, distracted driving, using a handheld device, things of that nature, following too closely,” Krumm said.

Krumm says tickets will be given out, but it’s more of an opportunity for troopers to make contact with truckers.

“It’s about education and awareness,” Krumm said.

Last year state police saw an increase in fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles.

So they hope by putting more eyes on 94 they’ll bring that number down.

With more semi-trucks and vehicles hitting the road for the holidays, Krumm says everyone on the road is responsible for keeping it safe.

“Be mindful of the trucks, stay out of their blind spots. Do not cut them off. And as weather approaches, more distance, slow down your speeds.  And be very attentive about what’s going on,” Krumm said.

Eyes will be on highways across the Midwest this week as MSP, along with state police in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois dedicate more resources to keep roads safe.

“We are the leader in the Midwest as far as having a low rate. But we still think that’s too high,” Krumm said.


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