Nassar says “It’s time to stop the hurting”; Judge call victims “superheroes”

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Larry Nassar will be sentenced in January on seven counts of sexually abusing young girls in his medical care.

Nassar pleaded guilty to the charges today in Ingham County Circuit Court.

It is the first time he admitted that the sexual assaults were not accepted medical procedures.

After Judge Rosemarie Aquilina questioned Nassar about his understanding of the plea agreement the disgraced former doctor said he understood the terms of the agreement.

The judge offered him an opportunity to address the court.

He said that it was time to “stop the hurting” and said he is “horribly sorry” and that he prays “for forgiveness every day.”

Nassar said for all involved he “is horribly sorry” and the events were “like a forest fire that grew out of control”.

He said he has no animosity to the victims and “it’s time to heal”.

Judge Aquilina pointedly told Nassar that he had abused his position “in the most vile way” and “violated his oath to do no harm”.

Sentencing will be January 12 at 9 a.m.

Victims will be given the opportunity to speak at the sentencing and Judge Aquilina said there would be no timetable and the sentencing could take several days.

On November 29 Nassar will be in Eaton County where he is expected to make another plea offer.