Three days, one idea, could you turn it into reality?

What would you do if you were given three days to turn a business idea into a reality?

That’s the question a group of students and community members at Michigan State University are trying to answer this weekend.

In just 54-hours, students will experience both the highs and lows of creating a start-up business.

“This this is just a really great environment to develop ideas,” says participant, Katie Musial.

“Gathering all the different perspectives that I’ve failed to seek out is very beneficial,” says participant, Timosha Krivtsov.

Both Krivtsov and Musial are Michigan State University students competing for the chance to take their idea to the next level.

And they’re hoping to make it happen during East Lansing’s Start-Up Weekend.

10 teams pitch ideas for either physical products or tech-friendly tools.

Then they’re given 3-days to create a real company based around them.

“I get so many students that come to me and say I have this idea, but I’m not a mechanical engineer I’m not an app developer, they find people here,” says Director of Student and Community Engagement at Spartan Innovations, Paul Jaques.

Jaques says the event provides an opportunity where students and community members with different backgrounds can put their heads together to create something innovative.

“We have anything from suitcases that are turning into blue tooth speakers to food apps, to physical products to you name it,” says Jaques.

Musial and her team are working on a teaching tool for elementary school classrooms.

She calls it a superconductor.

“It’s a model magnetic levitation train. So there’s a track on this side, and there’s magnets and there’s magnets on the train and it floats. It’s just a really great way for kids to learn science outside of a textbook,” says Musial.

As for Krivtsov and his team, they’re busy deciding who the target market is for eco-friendly clothing.

“It’s a modular garment that allows the user to interchange various components of the garment to accommodate for different styles as well as to adapt to seasonal changes,” says Krivtsov.

Just two inventions that students hope will turn into billion dollar companies.

Tomorrow these ideas will be presented to a panel of judges.

The winning team moves on to the next round of the global competition.

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