Skubick: State Senate sends revised gun bill to House

Cropped Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Senate Republicans have voted to allow concealed weapons in schools, bar, sports arenas and other gun free zones.

Democrats tried to change the measure but they failed.

The Senate legislation would legalize concealed weapons in sports arenas, houses of worship, day care centers, high school and elementary schools and in bars.

Democrats voted no.

“Not always guns are not the answer,’ said Sen. Morris Hood Jr. “Especially in schools and in bars where alcohol is being consumed. You don’t want that in your system.”

Democrats offered nine changes to the proposal including paying for bulletproof vests for teachers.

All of the changes were killed.

The vote came in the wake of the church shooting in Texas and Republican Senator Mike Shirkey says guns in churches could save lives.

“If you’re a leader, a principal, pastor having a gun is better than putting your head between your knees and getting on the floor,” insisted the senator.

Members of the anti-gun lobby and some educators wanted to give schools the right to opt out of the new law.

“The best decisions are not made at the federal or state level,” said Sen. Marty Knollenberg. “Local schools should decide what’s best for them.”

That opt out was defeated.

The measure that also bans the open carry of weapons goes to the House and it faces an uncertain future as the governor might veto this but has not reacted to this latest measure.

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