Skubick: Medical marijuana deadline nears as lawmakers work to keep dispensaries open

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – On December 15 current medical pot users may be unable to obtain marijuana, which is why a bi-partisan effort is underway to avoid that.

Now there is some opposition to pending legislation.

State Senator David Knezek insists “we want to continue to guarantee patient access to their medicine.”

Which is why Democrat Knezek and Republican Rick Jones have legislation to keep local pot dispensaries open after December 15th.

One issue is the Senate Republican leader has problems with the bill.

So does Rick Johnson, the chair of the Medical Marijuana Commission.

And former lawmaker Mike Callton, who worked on the issue, says “I don’t like what I see out there now and to continue to allow local shops to operate, I really have a problem with that. But at the same time the double edged sword is those patients, are they going to continue to have access to the medicine? I’m not sure that legislation is the best mechanism to serve those patients.”

Sen. Rick Jones responded to that. “I’m very surprised that Mike Callton would take that stance. I thought he was for the little guy.”

The pending legislation may not be needed if the governor orders the licensing and regulation department, LARA, to issue emergency rules to keep the pot shops open.

Sen. Jones explains “LARA may be willing to work on this possibly with emergency rules than we won’t need the legislation and that’s a good solution.”

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