Skubick: Discrepancy surfaces over Legionnaires’ timeline

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The governor’s office says the governor is standing by his Congressional testimony, under oath, regarding when he discovered a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Genesee County.

This, despite testimony from one of his aides that suggests something else.

It’s a “he said, he said” story.

The governor says he learned of the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in January of 2016 but in court, under oath, the governors urban advisory Harvey Hollins claims he told the governor about the problem in December of 2015, leading folks in this town to ask: who is right?

“Obviously one of them can’t be telling the truth,” said Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. “It’s impossible for two people to say the opposite thing and have both of them telling the truth.”

Under oath and before a Congressional committee the governor reiterated the January 2016 date but Flint Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee is asking that Congressional committee to ask the governor to clarify his testimony.

Meanwhile Republican consultant Tom Shields says if the governor does not say something now, “this will drip, drip, drip until its a monsoon that we saw at last Saturday’s football game.”

Democratic consultant T.J. Buckholz observes “each day this goes on the Snyder administration grows a little weaker.”

But Republican consultant John Truscott believes there is a reasonable explanation and in the end “this story will end in a thud.”

Plus Mr. Hollins has not been cross-examined on his original statement.

The governors office, after remaining silent last week, now says “he was under oath when he testified before Congress and that testimony still stands.” But there is no elaboration to explain this apparent disagreement with Mr. Hollins.

Sen. Steve Bieda says this does not explain the discrepancy. “No it doesn’t. It actually raises more questions.”

Rep. Peter Lucido insists the governor does not have to explain why he has a different stance. “He never has to explain that. His testimony is his testimony. why should he have to explain anything other than what he said?”

It is expected that the Congressional committee will ask the governor to address this apparent disagreement with his urban affairs director.

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