This Weekend at the Movies

Jorma: Right now, we want you to get movie educated, and tell you all about the new releases this weekend, joining me now is Jenny Garone with Celebration Cinema, thank you so much for educating us.
Jenny: Absolutely.
Jorma: There are four new releases coming out this weekend. The first one, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, I know the first one is pretty wild, tell us about the second one.
Jenny: Well, it’s the sequel obviously, they’ve added great actors to the cast, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Elton John is in this, I think as himself but I’m not sure. You’ll get a lot of the same, you know a lot of comedy, a lot of action, quite a bit of violence, but the special effects and the visuals are just so entertaining.
Jorma: They really were, I know the first one was pretty violent, and the graphics we’re awesome. The second one, more of a family movie..the Lego Ninjago Movie…

Jorma: The third Lego movie.
Jenny: Yes I’m very excited about this one.. I feel like the humor in all of these movies is just so great, it’s a little bit dry, not too rude, so adults can enjoy but not feel weird having their kids with them. The cast is great, you have Jackie Chan as the sensei, Dave Franco is Lloyd, the main character, Olivia Munn, it’s just going to be a lot more of the same, a lot of fun.
Jorma: It’s cool because it’s for the kids but the adults can kind of get some of the jokes as well. Friend Request, it’s a horror movie, tell us a little more about Friend Request.
Jenny: Well you know it’s that time of year, we’re getting a lot of horror movies, in this one, you know it’s take place in this day and age, social media, a demon sort of takes in, wants to isolate somebody so she starts eliminating all of her friends.
Jorma: Demons…there you have it. And Stronger, sounds a little bit more of a heartfelt movie.
Jenny: Yes, this is a true story based on a guy who goes to the Boston Marathon to support his girlfriend holding a sign, and of course then, the unthinkable happens, the bombs go off. He loses both of his legs, and it’s the story of him coping with that, and he actually becomes and inspiration after the fact.
Jorma: You may need some kleenex afterwards for this movie. Now, those are four new releases, there are other movies as well, what are some of the popular movies still playing?
Jenny: The very most popular one is IT. This has been out for two weeks now, based on the Stephen King novel. It’s scary, you are going to be scared, but there’s just so much more to it, there’s these great friendships with the kids, the child actors are phenomenal. Stephen King actually gave his stamp of approval which is kind of rare for his book to movie adaptations.
Jorma: Well thank you so much for the education, there you have it, four brand new movies this weekend, including some that are still playing like IT, and if you go to the movies this weekend, I hope this helps.

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