Push is on to remove “Redskins” as sport team mascot name

EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A bill in the Michigan Senate is taking on the tough topic of culture and school mascots.

Native American advocates across the country have been pushing for schools and sports teams to drop what they label as derogatory and offensive names for team mascots.

And locally Thursday night 6 News was there as student advocates at Michigan State University stood with them showing their support for the new bill by painting the “MSU Rock”.

“So we are painting the rock to draw awareness to the Michigan State Bill 487, which would ban the “redskins” in the public school systems in Michigan. There are five Michigan schools that currently use redskins”, explained spokesperson Emmy Scott.

The bill does not target other mascot names that make reference to Native Americans which can also be found in schools around the state.