6 Sports Team of the Week: Haslett Vikings Football

With a 24-3 victory over Mason last week, Haslett improved to 3-1 on the season, and the Vikings are pushing themselves to return to the playoffs after missing out in 2016

“Every year we have a theme on the back of our shirts and their theme was “Bring It Back.” said longtime Viking coach Charlie Otlewski. “We’ve spent a lot of time and in the past we have done it at camp, and I said ya know what let’s do this in December, January to drive the entire offseason and those guys worked really really hard.” He continued.
The Vikings seniors used the adversity and disappointment of last year to fuel their offseason and in turn, the team’s great start.

“Winning always helps, but this year it’s definitely motivated us to just become a better team and yeah we are just excited to play the next game.” – said senior running back Nathaniel Magnusson

A 3-1 start has the Vikings buzzing about the second half of the season but if they can get a win over Charlotte on Friday, Haslett will have already matched 2016’s win total in just five games.

“We’ve gotta stay focused because whether it’s a hard or an easy matchup we have to stay focused on our team and um what we do as a team in practice and in games.” added senior offensive lineman Nathan Otlewski

“Every coach will tell you ya know what is the secret ingredient and I wish I could do that every single year and have the recipe, I think there’s certain by products that you look for and this team seems right now, at least at this point, that they have that.” said Coach Otlewski in closing.

Congratulations to the Haslett Vikings, our 6 Sports Team of the Week

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