Equifax data breach: How to protect yourself

(WLNS) – The credit monitoring company Equifax announced a huge data breach on Thursday that affected 143 million people.

Now it’s asking everyone to check and make sure your information is secure.

It’s important to know that even if you aren’t an Equifax customer if you’ve ever applied for a credit card, loan or mortgage Equifax may have your information.

Equifax is asking its customer to visit, equifax-security2017.com . It was set up quickly after the breach was announced to determine if your information was hit.

After checking to see if your information is safe you will be prompted to check out Equifax’s new service called “Trusted ID Premier.”

It’s a new service that monitors your account for things like when new credit cards are opened or when your social security numbers appear online.

They are offering it free for a year regardless if your information was hacked.

While this sounds nice some experts see this as Equifax using the breach as a sales hook to get people into their new program.

And there was another flashing red light: if you sign up to use the Trusted ID Program in the terms and conditions it states that you waive your rights to sue Equifax in court or be part of any class action lawsuit.

And as of Thursday night one class action lawsuit had already been filed.

If you find your personal information has been compromised, however, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself.

The first is to enroll in an identity protection service.

If you’ve lost trust in Equifax you can head to the Federal Trade Commission’s website and check out what service would be best for you.

Beyond protection services you should remember to take basic security steps when dealing with personal information online, things like change your passwords every few weeks, keep a close eye on credit statements and contact your financial institution if you have any questions or concerns.

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