Dantonio: Spartan win was “tough”

EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A losing season lingers and lingers and sticks in your craw until you do something about it.

The redemption season started today and so far, so good.

“Well there is always a relief but you know…your coach or a coach…you just want to see things done right and performed well and performed to perfection,” explained Spartan head coach Mark Dantonio. “First game is tough…ya know we had some low balls thrown.. We had some high balls thrown.. Ya know it’s not perfect but I thought what we did was handle our situation… Handled adversity..as I said I knew there’d be adversity…I thought we did that ..handled that ..kept playing.. Playing for the next play.. I thought our guys competed. Honestly I’m just excited…ya know.”

“After today what happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore..a new team.. New guys…and we’re gonna focus on the next game…and after that…focus on the next game,” continued Dantonio. “And the past doesn’t matter…ya know there is a sigh of relief…um but…ya know.. We’re just excited…ya know its been a long time coming since we sang the fight song and we just celebrated hard in the locker room…we had a really good time and ya know.. That’s what its all about…ya know ..you get a victory..and you get to celebrate with your brothers…and thats what we’re gonna do.”

“Honestly it feels great…it feels like a long time coming…um..I’m actually blessed to be put in that position to make plays…and I’m thankful. That’s the one reason why Coach D came all the way down to Houston Texas because he saw something in me and I feel like I can bring that impact to the game.”

The Spartans haven’t lost a home opener in this century.

Today’s win makes it 19.

Next up for Michigan State is Western Michigan..

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