Spartans sporting unique haircuts for 2017

EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Michigan State Football showed up at fall camp this year with some very unique haircuts, and after talking to the team, 6 Sports Reporter Jay Sarkar found out that these new ‘do’s haven’t only been a source of laughter, but have brought the team closer together.

“How long have you had your hair cut like that” was the main question surrounding MSU Sophomore defensive lineman Kenny Willekes and his Game of Thrones inspired haircut.

“I actually got it the first day of camp, me and a couple of guys on the team decided to mix it up this year.” Willekes responded. “You see Byron Bullough, he’s got a little Mohawk, a couple of the guys mixed up their facial hair so we just got it for the first day of camp. We just wanted to have a little fun, do it a little different this year, it was kind of a last minute decision so we all headed down to the barbershop and mixed it up” he continued.

“I think it’s just a little bit of fun to get us through these dog days of camp.” Said junior Linebacker Byron Bullough, sporting a fresh Mohawk. “You know we got some crazy haircuts going, some mustache going, but it’s all in good fun and we’ll see if they stick throughout the season.”

“It’s a change, you know, mine is pretty crazy too. I like it!” Chimed in Sophomore DL Raequan Williams, who had bleached the tips of his dreadlocks and wrapped them behind his head.

“It’s funny, it’s obviously a camp thing that maybe will roll into the season but I’m loving all the haircuts.” Said new starting QB Brian Lewerke, who shaves his own head for his undercut.

The fun wasn’t just for the players, as some of the assistant coaches joined in on the follicle frenzy.

“That always used to be fun in the late eighties, early nineties, seeing who is gonna show up with the craziest do, the craziest haircut.” Said Assistant Head Coach Mark Staten, who grew out a Fu Manchu mustache along with his offensive linemen. When asked if he would consider a haircut like Willekes’, he replied “Oh absolutely not, it will be balding right here, so the Fu-Manchu is about as good as it’ll get. The O-Line decided to do mustaches for some reason coming into camp, so all aboard!”

When longtime defensive assistant Harlon Barnett was asked if he would grow out his hair (he’s kept a shaved head for nearly 30 years) he chuckled and replied “it’s still nice and clean! I’m keeping it the same.”

But perhaps the most important question is, which Spartan has the best hair as voted by their teammates?

“I’ll give it to Kenny” said defensive captain Chris Frey. “Kenny’s got the best haircut right now and he went from the greasy long hair to looking better with this ridiculous haircut but it fits him, I think it is pretty good.”

“You know what, I’ll have to give it to Lewerke.” Voted Bullough. “He does have it going, a little Macklemore look, but I like it.”

Some other Spartans got more introspective with their vote.

“Best hair? I’ll say mine.” said junior RB Madre London. “You know mine is just homemade dreads, I twist them myself, so I’ll say mine, it came out real well.”

“Oh… Best hair? I’ll give it to my boy Kenny.” Said Willekes fellow D-lineman Mike Panasiuk

Junior Safety Khari Willis carefully made his decision. “Rae and Darrell they got the same hair man, they bleach their hair, or whatever, dye it. Who got the best hair? Tyson Smith got cornrows (in the offseason) so I’ll give it to Tyson Smith.” He said.

“He (WR Felton Davis) has got some good dreads, even though I go against him every day and like practice we battle every day, I gotta go with Kenny.” Said TE Matt Sokol. “His is just so out there, but a lot of us have mustaches and the Fu-Manchu but I gotta go with Kenny.”

“Hmm, I’m gonna have to go with me, yeah definitely, I like Kenny but look at me, look at Kenny, then look at me.” Added Williams in closing.

All apologies to Raequan Williams but Kenny Willekes is the consensus winner for best hair on the team as voted by his Spartan teammates.

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