Skubick: Sides line up, eye override of Snyder veto of new car tax break

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Lansing-area Democrats in the Michigan House are checking in on a possible veto override of the governor’s elimination of a tax break for new car buyers.

89 House members and 37 senators voted to give consumers a tax break on purchasing a new car.

But the governor vetoed the measure, claiming it would punch a deficit hole in the state budget.

Three Lansing-area House members are waiting to see what the Senate does but two of them are a “yes” vote on override.

“When you vote for bills it means you believe in the bills,” asks Rep. Andy Schor. “So why would I suddenly change that because its an override.”

Rep. Tom Cochran rejects the governors argument that this is a budget buster. “I don’t agree with that. This was, as Rep. Schor said, a tax on a tax and I philosophically disagree with that which is why I supported it.”

And Democrat Rep. Sam Singh adds “Until I actually see an override from the Senate, it’s premature to say what our caucus will do.”

Any veto override must begin in the Senate, where at least six senators have complained about the governor’s veto to the Senate Republican floor leader.

“I’ve had a few members calls me and they are pretty irate and their pushing for it,” said Sen. Mike Kowall. “I don’t really care to see that happen. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

But Republican State Representative Tom Barrett would vote to override. “Anything that is the right thing to do, is the right thing to do whether the governor signs it or vetoes it.”

Will consumers get a car tax break?

Will Senate Republicans break with their own governor and override his veto?

We’ll get a feel for that when the Senate returns after Labor Day.

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