Kids get eclipse experience at Impression 5 camp

It was a learning experience of a lifetime.

“When I moved it just a little it showed a crescent,” says 10-year old, Cora Krolak.

“The sun looked kind of orangy, but the moon was covering it,” says 9-year old, Josh Dupuis.

As part of Impression 5′s summer camp, kids of all ages had the chance to watch the solar eclipse while learning an important science lesson at the same time.

“It’s nothing to be scared about, but it’s a very cool, natural phenomenon that we can all watch together,” says Program Coordinator, Lisa Stelzner.

In order to safely view the eclipse, the kids were given pinhole projectors. They turned their backs to the sun, held it over their shoulder, and watched as a shadow was projected onto the ground.

“It actually worked really well,” says 10-year old, Griffin White.

“Even though in Michigan we don’t see the full eclipse, we are pretty close we can still see a lot of it, and we want kids to still have the chance to learn about it to know what’s happening and to see it,” says Stelzner.

Stelzner says, of all the lessons learned at Impression 5 this summer, she thinks this will have the most lasting affects.

“They’re old enough that they should really be able to remember it, and tell their kids, their grand kids, their friends about what they’re seeing,” says Stelzner.

So while Impression 5 teaches kids science almost every day of the year, on this day, kids not only learned, but lived a history lesson there as well.

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