Two-A-Days: Morrice Orioles

MORRICE, Mich (WLNS) – We start at Morrice High School and the oriole football team has gathered, all 14 players.

With an enrollment of just 160 in the school that’s what you get.

And four years ago Morrice wisely opted to move to 8-man football because they simply didn’t have enough players to last a whole season in 11-man football.

Under 4th year head coach Kendal Crockett the Orioles made the playoffs the first two years in 8-man.

They have missed the last two years but the move to 8-man football was a no-brainer.

Reporter: “Makes no sense to play games you have no chance to win does it?”

Crockett: “For the kids especially. You lose ’em after about the half, they don’t want to keep going and getting pounded into the dirt. Going 8-man, like I said, it puts us in the game and our kids play hard and they’ve loved it so far for the first four years.”

Reporter: “What is it about this team that you guys like?”

Connor Lucas – Junior Linebacker: “Just the determination. We have a lot of juniors out this year, big team and a lot of kids that are willing to do the work and do the extra work to get it done on the field.”

Reporter: “One of your assistants just said to me they all want to be here. I guess that isn’t always the case is it?”

Crockett: “No, this is a special group. I’ve been saying that to a lot of people. They’ve wanted to be here since day one. They wanted to be here during the offseason. We haven’t had that very much in the past here. So this is a very special group for us.”

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