Michigan Trump Republicans gather in Howell to show support for President Trump

HOWELL, MI (WLNS) – A group of people who describe themselves as Michigan Trump Republicans packed a room at a restaurant in Howell Tuesday evening, to show their support for President Donald Trump.

“It’s really a message to the White House to say President Trump we got your back,” Senator Joe Hune R-Hamburg Twp. Said.

Many say they’re happy with the way President Trump has been leading our country.

“If anybody would just give him a chance to talk about the millions of jobs he’s already created, the economic development, the regulation that’s been getting off the businesses backs,” Meshawn Maddock said.

She’s the Michigan Trump Co-Chair.

The president has received a lot of criticism with how he’s responded to the violent acts in Charlottesville.

Here’s what many had to say about it:

“I believe that there are people that hate Donald Trump more than they love America and will take any opportunity that they can to criticize the president,” Lena Epstein said.

“He called out the KKK,” Maddock said. “He called out the white supremacists.”

“I think it’s mere semantics,” Hune said. “He came out and said this is terrible, this is awful, we don’t condone this, lets disavow this, maybe it wasn’t strong enough.. The opposition no matter what he would say..they would still be opposed.”

Hune has a message to send.

“The best thing that senior citizens and others can do, our voters can do, is just turn off their television, don’t look at Facebook and all the other fake news, and just go about their day and know that the president is on the right path,” He said.


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