Two-A-Days: DeWitt Panthers

DEWITT, Mich (WLNS) – To DeWitt high school .where the Panthers are up in numbers, 57 players on varsity, that’s the highest number in the great coaching regime of Rob Zimmerman, who is entering his 19th season coaching at this football factory.

17 consecutive winning seasons—only his first season here was under .500.

12 of his 18 seasons have produced at least 10 victories in the last five years.

The Panthers are 52-and-9.

Over the summer DeWitt won 7 on 7 camps four times:

Reporter: Can you gauge during the summer and offseason what kind of team you have?

Coach: “Certainly in the summer you can and at least your skill kids with all the 7 on 7 and you get a feel for where you’re going to be….you know football’s changed a great deal where kids are working year-round at some capacity—at least the weight room and then the summertime you get to do a lot more football stuff so I think you have a feel for what you’re going to be. You know we’re excited….had a great summer….we’ll find out when we put the pads on just how good we’re going to be but we’re certainly excited with the progress we’ve made and the athleticism that this team has.”

Player: “I think we’ve got a lot of camraderie with this team – we’ve got pretty good chemistry and I think most of the people like everybody on the team so it’s gonna be fun to just put that together with the season…cuz I see no weak links and I think everybody wants to succeed as a team.”

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