Skubick: Republican lawmakers may override Snyder in groundbreaking move

(AP Photo/Al Goldis)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Rarely is a governor’s veto overridden in the legislature but there’s chatter at the State Capitol that Republicans may try to do that on a measure that would help car sales in the state.

The legislature voted to accelerate a law that gives consumers money back when they trade in an old car for a new one.

Lawmakers called it a tax break.

The governor called it fiscally irresponsible and vetoed the measure and, suffice it to say, governors do not like to be overridden.

But now there is chatter that the Senate Republican leader and the House Republican Speaker may be asked to override the governor.

Those who want to override would need 74 votes in the House and there were 89 “yes” votes on the original bill.

They would need 24 votes in the Senate and there were 37 “yes” votes.

Republican consultant Tom Shields thinks with those numbers, the override could happen.

“If the Republican caucus decides to put this forward, it’s probably a done deal,” Shields adds that would be embarrassing to the governor.

Republican Senator Rick Jones says he’s ready to stand up to the governor and vote to override this pro-car legislation.

“We are the car state. we want automobiles to sell. I think its time that we give this break to citizens,” said the senator.

And does he believe there will be blow-back from the governor? “If there is, so be it.”

Interestingly the auto dealers associations is taking a hands off position on this possible vote saying it’s up to lawmakers to do what they want.

Overriding the governor is rare.

The last time it happened was when John Engler was governor.

Republicans have never overridden their governor. Yet.