Granting wishes one mile at a time

It’s called, Wish-A-Mile.

In this case, 300-miles and countless wishes.

But it’s who those wishes belong to, that has riders crossing the finish line after a long, 3-day journey with nothing but a smile.

“My wish was to go to Disney World and Lego Land,” says 7-year old, Lucas Fredericks.

“My wish was to go to Disney World and to cut everyone in line,” says 13-year old, Jadyn Alagna.

Jadyn and Lucas are both survivors of life-threatening health conditions.

They’re just two of several “wish kids” who benefited from this program and used their magical experience, to return the favor to others.

“One of the rides is called project x, and whenever we went down the hill, my brothers hair would just go flying up,” says Lucas.

It’s all made possible by “Make-A-Wish Michigan.”

During this year’s 30th annual “Wish-A-Mile” bicycle tour, hundreds of cyclists pedaled 100-miles a day for 3-days.

The journey started in Traverse City, and ended at Michigan International Speedway to raise $2.5 million for those who need it most.

“All of these people, who have never even met Lucas or some of these wish kids are coming together just to like make these beautiful wishes come true for families and for these kids who have struggled so much,” says Lucas’ mother, Erin Fredericks.

As riders crossed the finish line, wish kids had the opportunity to thank them with a medal, proving that hard work pays off, and that anything is possible.

“I do believe they don’t only enhance life, I think they may save lives, that it gives children hope where there is not any, where it gives family hope, where there’s not always,” says Jadyn’s mother, Sonia Alagna.

“When you see the kids, and when you finish, it’s just, there’s nothing like it,” says rider, Caitlin Braun.

While the ride may have been long, many say it was worth it to make the dreams of many come true.

At last check, more than $2-million were raised during this 3-day event.

If you would like to get involved, or make a donation, click here.

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