Panel held to learn about marijuana laws in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Medical and recreational marijuana…it’s a growing industry and one that causes confusion when it comes to its legal guidelines.

“More and more citizens are becoming more and more aware that there is a disconnect between the laws of prohibition and the reality of marijuana,” said Robert Hendricks; Business Attorney at Wrigley, Hoffman & Hendricks P.C.

The reality Hendricks says is something people should become more educated about.

“Under current law, marijuana is illegal under federal law…marijuana is also illegal under the laws of the state of Michigan unless you can find a law that allows you to engage in the activity that you want to engage in,” Hendricks stated.

Meaning an ordinance and sometimes those laws can be hazy.

But Hendricks says the debate over marijuana dispensaries is a hot topic.

“There are a number of communities that have established ordinances that propose that they’ll allow dispensaries in their jurisdiction…those ordinances do not…they do not overcome state law,” Hendricks added.

Nicole Westfall, a student at Cooley Law School listened in on tonight’s seminar and she says the medical marijuana laws in our state are very ambiguous.

“Medical marijuana, the law itself is so in depth like it’s just not a surface thing and there’s so much room for interpretation with the actual statute,” said Westfall.

Overall, Hendricks says marijuana is a complex issue.

“A lot of this has never been tried before and so there are a lot of grey areas,” said Hendricks.

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