Skubick: House leader Singh not eyeing move to Congress

State Representative Sam Singh, (D) 69th District

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – East Lansing Democratic House leader Sam Singh is taking a look ahead to his future, and that likely won’t include the U.S. Congress.

Singh has been mayor of East Lansing, has served in the Michigan house for six years and next year, he’ll be looking for work.

Next year the mid-Michigan Congressional seat currently held by Congressman Mike Bishop is up for grabs.

But Mr. Singh won’t be grabbing.

He’s privately decided he will not run.

He has made some decisions, however, on some key issues.

Like part-time legislature. “I don’t think the part-time legislature is something we should do here. With term limits we’ve lost a lot of our institutional memory,” says Rep. Singh. “And I don’t think a part-time legislature would work here in Michigan.”

In a related matter, the Michigan Chamber this summer is studying a proposal to tweak the state’s term limit law by allowing House and Senate members to serve 12 years in one body or the other. Rep. Singh wants to see the details adding.

“By in large for more people to have experience is always a good thing. We don’t go to the doctor and want the least amount of experience. You want people with experience. If that is something I can get behind, I’d have to take a look at the very specific proposal.”

Michigan voters may get a chance next year to legalize pot for adult usage. How would Mr. Singh vote?

“I do think it is something we need to be able to tax and regulate it,” said Rep. Singh. “I would personally line up but it’s a decision the citizens have to make on their own.”

There is also a petition drive pending to have a non-partisan panel create the voting district lines for the House and Senate. Now the members who serve here do that and some believe the party with the most votes will gerrymander the lines to favor their party.

Mr.Singh favors a change. “Absolutely. It takes the politicians out of redistricting. People don’t want their politicians making those types of decisions. Make it non-partisan.”

A more pressing personal issue at the moment is the arrival of a new baby boy. Will their child go to MSU, the family alma mater?

“That will be up to my son to decide,” he said with a laugh.

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