Dangers on the job, tow truck company hopes to raise awareness

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – “God bless our fallen brothers.”

A casket is used to represent the dangers our first responders and tow truck drivers face every day when helping those in need.

“Please move over, please slow down you know we want to come home at night too,” said Dave Phelps; Owner/President of Phelps Towing Inc.

When looking at numbers nationwide, nearly 6 tow truck drivers are killed every month by motorists not paying attention.

Phelps says those numbers really hit close to home.

“It still makes your heart drop it’s just you know just to know that one of our fellow brothers you know towing we may all be in competition but we work close together,” Phelps stated.

Mike Corbin is a strong supporter of the nationwide campaign “Slow Down or Move Over Law” and he says he’s hoping to send a message to drivers to simply slow down, move over and pay attention.

“Slow down and move over, do them that courtesy and maybe save their life,” said Corbin.

“It’s a very dangerous job and I don’t think the public knows how dangerous it is,” Phelps added.

Michigan State Police Sergeant Brian Oleksyk has been serving and protecting the community for the last 17 years and he says law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day.

He says the majority of the traffic crashes he’s witnessed was caused by distracted driving.

“It is a different world out there, you can actually feel the vehicles drive past you, your uniform will move, the dust gets kicked back up at you so common sense says along with the law that if you see a police vehicle, ambulance, fire truck and or tow truck with their lights on, move over, slow down,” said Sgt. Oleksyk.

Just a few simple reminders that can prevent tragedies from happening.

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