Local mother says school did not care for her child properly

Trusting the school and educators who see your children every day is something that parents rely on.

And when an emergency happens, you expect to be the first to know.

One local mother says, her daughter is not being taken care of, and now she’s speaking out to send a message about the seriousness of sickle cell disease.

Jennifer Alleyne says, her daughter is in the hospital after an incident that happened at Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy earlier this week.

Alleyne says she’s fed up with the school’s response to emergencies, and hopes that sharing her story it will change how administrators act in the future.

“It made me completely question whether or not they’re caring for the rest of my children properly, and I really feel like there needs to be some re-education done there,” says Jennifer Alleyne.

It all started last Monday, when Jennifer Alleyne say’s her 11-year old daughter, Nakoya, and her classmates were punished by their teacher after the class had gotten rowdy.

“She made a decision to discipline her children by taking them out and making them walk the hill behind Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy,” says Alleyne.

Alleyne says this type of punishment is concerning, not just because of the hot temperatures, but also because her daughter, Nakoya, has sickle cell anemia, a disease that affects blood flow in her body.

“Depending on the temperature, whether hot or cold, she needs to be able to adjust appropriately, because all of these things cause sickle cell crisis’s, which then triggers the asthma or vice versa depending on what the condition is,” says Alleyne.

Not long after that walk, Alleyne says, she got a call from the school’s director, saying her daughter was having trouble breathing.

She asked him to call 911, however she says that didn’t happen until she got there.

And by the time they got to the hospital, she says, Nakoya’s condition was even worse.

Now, 3-days later, Nakoya is still in the hospital, on oxygen.

“Nakoya unfortunately, was sitting too long and started to downward spiral,” says Alleyne.

Alleyne says, she’s given an asthma action plan to the school and staff, and she’s frustrated that it wasn’t followed.

“She has dizziness, her body has puffiness, her voice is diminished to the point where you have to turn off everything around her just for her to be audible,” says Alleyne.

Alleyne says, the people who she’s supposed to trust her child with, failed her.

“I feel like as an educator, you should take that extra step,” says Alleyne.

6-News reached out to the school for comment, and they issued the following statement:

Student safety is critically important at Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy. We are aware of the situation and are trying to work with the student and her mother to resolve any concerns.”


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