5 credit card skimmers found at mid-Michigan gas stations

crditcard e1454110773630 5 credit card skimmers found at mid Michigan gas stations
Officials urge people to be cautious of credit card skimmers when they swipe their cards at the gas pump. (Jan. 29, 2016)


Police are warning travelers to keep a close eye on the pumps as the hit the road this summer – and not because of gas prices.

It’s because credit card skimmers are finding their way back into mid-Michigan gas stations. Skimmers will steal your credit card information as you swipe your card to buy gas.

State officials report finding five skimmers at two gas stations in the last two weeks.

Three of those skimmers were found at a Mugg & Bopps station at 763 S. Michigan Avenue in Howell on or around June 2nd after a customer complained and called Howell Police.

It’s the second time scammers with skimmers have hit the store. State records show a skimmer was found at the location back in March of 2016.

Two more skimmers were found at a Mugg & Bopps store at 201 S. Clinton St. in Stockbridge on or around June 9th. Someone working at the station noticed them and called the police there.

State officials have encouraged gas stations to use security tape and surveillance cameras and check their pumps frequently for signs of tampering.

Customers should also report anything suspicious at the pump. State officials also advise keeping an eye on your bank statements for anything unusual that may suggest your card has been compromised.

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