As schools break for summer, jobs become available

Schools are getting ready to break for summer which means many of those students could now be looking to make some extra cash during their time off.

“Are you somebody that’s going to show up for work on time, are you somebody that’s going to be loyal, and dedicated, and trustworthy,” says Edythe Hatter-Williams, CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works.

Hatter-Williams says, it’s skills like these that employers look for in new hires.

She says, if you know someone looking for summer work, one tip is to suggest businesses that person visits frequently.

“Even if you don’t see a sign out, stop in and ask the question,” says Hatter-Williams.

Hatter-Williams says, for teens, common first jobs tend to be in the food and retail industry. Part-time positions that keep them busy, and teach them how to work well with others. Two things, David Lewis, Store Manager at East Lansing’s Sir Pizza says, fits well with the type of help they need.

“It’s perfect for high school students looking for summer jobs for something not too challenging but it gives them an idea of what it’s like to work,” says Lewis.

Lewis says, he’s looking for one to two part-time workers who can assist with kitchen prep and the register. Simple tasks that can earn a teen some serious extra cash. However, he’s not the only one with applications available.

“It definitely picks up with business so we’re always looking for people,” says Elizabeth Mans, Manager at Tasty Twist Ice Cream Shop.

Mans says, the summer months are their prime-time for business, and high school students tend to be perfect candidates.

“Good availability throughout the summer someone that can work the weekends, evenings, that sort of thing,” says Mans.

After years of summer jobs being scarce, this summer could signal a turnaround for teens.

“Having local kids around helps drive business, and helps them become part of the community so it’s kind of a win, win,” says Lewis.

If you would like more information on how to put together a resume, or help connecting with job opportunities, check out the Capital Area Michigan Works website.

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