MSU players attorneys claim men are “not guilty” of sexual assault

(WLNS) – The two other MSU football players accused of sexual assault appeared in court today, continuing the claim of being innocent.

Joshua King and Donnie Corley both showed up for arraignment today, following Demetric Vance’s arraignment Tuesday afternoon.

King faces the most charges of all three MSU players, however his attorney says the videos that warrant one of his charges could actually prove his innocence.

“It will show this was consensual, we have a very strong defense,” King’s Defense Attorney Shannon Smith said.

Smith fought the $25,000 bond set for King, saying he isn’t a flight risk.

“Where if there were any concern he was not coming to court, he would not have driven here and be standing here in front of you,” Smith said.

Donnie Corley’s Attorney also argued against his bond, set at $10,000. He says Corley hasn’t stepped out of line once during the investigation.

“His behavior throughout this process has been, in my view at least, above reproach,” Corley’s Defense Attorney John Shea said.

Both Attorney’s say their clients are not safety risks.

“There is no evidence whatsoever that he is a danger to the community,” Shea said.

“I do not believe he poses any risk of harm to society or to the public,” Smith said.

And although Shea didn’t argue the incident was consensual like Smith did, he did claim Corley is innocent as well.

“He has denied the allegations,” Shea said.

King, Corley and Vance are all due back in court for preliminary hearings later this month.

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